Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Could baby be on the way?

I'm 37 weeks and 3 days now around dinner time yesterday I started to have what I'd like to think is just braxton hicks. They keep coming infrequently but regularly every 30 minutes or so. I did sleep for most of the night but around 3am i woke and they are still there. It's now 4am and there isn't really any pain yet however i recall labour being similar to this with my others. I think it's time to call in my support system. Mom and Dad to come probably around 6am. I'm pretty sure my body is getting ready to have this little one however it is still a little early isn't it?? I was only expecting this new little one for Easter which is a week and half away but i guess he or she has a schedule of their own. Maybe i should pack my bag now too since I'm up.


Melissa Miller said...

How Exciting!!! Call me!!!

Jenny said...

Best wishes for a smooth and easy delivery!! Keep us posted!