Friday, 21 August 2009

Adventures around my place today

Today I headed out with 3 kids for my babies 4 month check up and needles he was such a trooper just a slight cry after each shot one in each leg. He's 11 pounds now already. He will quickly catch up to his 4 year old sisters 21 pounds. It was a very smooth trip Ashley seemed pleased she didn't need to get up on the table for an exam.

We headed to Shoppers the local drug store for a vitamin D drops. I asked my 7 year old if he would like a treat he eyes the candy counter reaches for the sweetarts then looks over at me and says " I'm not into candy like James mom no thanks" he didn't inherit my sweet tooth that's for sure.

Once home, I decided it was time for war against my fruit fly infestation. We actually entertained ourselves sucking up these little buggers with the vacuum as well as spaying the odd one with windex. You know your life is fairly low key when this is a form of entertainment. Hopefully we are in store for something more exciting this weekend.

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