Thursday, 25 February 2010

Good news all around.....a photo story

Good news is Ashley's eating started to pick up again.   I believe her no eating phase was related to a mild ear infection and virus that was turning her off food.

I'm also happy to post that it has been one year since she began to eat!  It's almost unbelievable to me that she now finger feed herself, chews and swallows all on her own.  When she first started eating she was pretty open to eating what ever I served as long it soft and easy to manage.   However she is getting  fussier all the time. I've listed below everything that she is willing to eat.  I worry about how  limited her  diet is all the time.  How bad does it look?

  • oreos  
  • ritz bits crackers
  • eggos
  • blueberry pancakes
  • oatmeal
  • french toast      ...notice the breakfast theme going on here..
  • peanut butter and honey toast
  • brown beans
  • rice
  • chocolates
  • grill cheese
  • kraft dinner
  • pasta
  • banana
  • blueberries, 
  • french fries
  • cheetos & chips
  • on a good day pizza,
  •  yogurt
I do offer her lots of other foods and I do cook dinner at home nightly but she barely touches it, and then I resort to carnation instant breakfast via g-tube and breakfast foods.  At the dinner hour I'd prefer her to eat the meat and veggies I'm severing but she's usually not game.  She has quite a fit if I slip some pot roast  or chicken into her mouth.  She is really not a fan of eating meat, fish or eggs Even nicely seasoned and shredded so it's easy for her chew and swallow. 

Ashley enjoying a blueberry pancake.

 However  I'm still just very thankful that she is interested  and enjoying  food. Last January I had no idea if my girl could or would ever be able to chew.  As she was round the clock tube feed from 24 months until 3 years 11 months old  and bottle feed prior to that.  So a month before her 5th birthday I realize that I'm very blessed that her food list has 20 items on it, I just hope as she grows it will get longer and include meat. 


Ashley started this week attending school for full days. She has only been going morning so far this school year..  Now  I'm a driver back and forth  all day morning drop off, lunch pick up, return after lunch and final pick up at 2:30.  She arrives about ten minutes late in the morning and gets picked up twenty minutes early at the end of the day but has been staying awake and the teachers and other students tell me she not even crying. Today they had a special olympic day and she loved it. Her class when out and  played in the snow and she was giggling. More on this in coming post.. as pics are coming from school.  

Damon also had a great week, he completed a writing project on Holidays  which he presented to his class today.  His teacher told me she was so proud of him, he spoke  loud and clear and handled the questions like an expert. She was very impressed.  He even dressed for the presentation in a Canada t-shirt.

Here's my baby, baby, baby

and again because well look at that face I can't get enough

Here's the two little ones who enjoy splashing  in the water
 on the dishwasher door while I unload it, and I wonder why the dishwasher acts up. 
Damon saw me taking pictures and jumped in. 

I can't leave out this beautiful face below either who is growing up way to fast.    He started a social skills group this week and  when asked what he likes to do he stated "study".  Which they replied that very interested I don't think it's typical of the kids in this program.   I thought I better post this on my blog so I don't forget and I can remind him he enjoys studying when he enters high school.  He is referring to his interest in science, the brain  and dinosaurs not algebra but I loved his comment. I don't think that something I realized I liked well maybe ever.   He is  reading a book a day and burns through a 300 page book  in 2 or 3 days. 

 I took this picture at Blacks Photography Shop I took him shopping for a present for a friends party and dragged him to blacks so I could dream of owning the latest SLR camera.  I think  it's required equipment for blogging don't you. 


What's new you ask?
Ashley is trying a new walker the dymanico.  Pictured here before it was adjusted by her therapist who removed the top bar.  She is  really make it move I worry she could run over Taylor.   We are just trying it out as she has no ADP (gov't funding for a new walker) since she bought the Kaye walker last summer. But if she can figure it out the school board will order her one that she can use at school perhaps in gym and she can bring home in the summer or school breaks.

I also had to include Ashley  looking beautiful while doing PT


Team Carter Jay said...

I <3 all of the pictures. Yay for Ashley on eating! That looks like a pretty cool walker. I'm so glad she's doing better!!

Knowledge Safari said...

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Great giveaway going on now that you might like as well!

I'll link your blog to ours. See you there.

Colleen said...

Those are great photos. All of your kiddos are adorable. It sounds like Ashley has come such a long way with eating, especially since she was 24/7 tube fed for so long. Amazing! Good job Mom!

gail said...

hi sherry,
so glad to hear that ashley's non eating was just a phase. i always know that if joe isn't eating something is wrong. but in your case, you have so much history to wade thru.

you're doing a great job with the items she's willing to eat. you probably already do this but looking at the list i would highly limit the oreos, chocolate, french fries, chips and other processed foods. even if that means your other kiddos dont' get it either. make it special occasions only. its not fair to ashley to see her siblings eat those goodies and she can't. sometimes i think those goodies wreck havoc on tastebuds and so suddenly all the good veggies, protein and pasta and stuff doens't taste good.

take care my friend! you're a great mom.