Sunday, 28 February 2010

My weekend

Check out Ashley below at physiotherapy this week.  She is really doing well with  all the balance work.   I had her standing for 4 straight seconds in her sock feet.  

My cutie pie...

Taylor is making great progress with his motor skills too.  He is on the move walks behind our kitchen stool pushing it in the kitchen. He is also cruising along the couch at record speed. 

It's finally starting to look like winter in Canada, all day and night friday it snowed, so come saturday the kids enjoyed lots of time in  the white stuff.  Damon and James headed outside around 10 am and stayed out there for a good 4 hours until they were starving for lunch.  They dug a tunnel in the snowbank with our next door neighbour and when that collapsed they turned it into a olympic bobsled run.

This was the view of the snow out our front door..

It didn't take Taylor too long to notice the snow he wanted to get out there too.

That was my call to  bundle up the little ones up and off we went to enjoy the snow with  a wagon ride around the block. 

Your never too young for SNOW ANGELS 

I've also spent some time looking through my cook books for some new recipes that Ashley might enjoy and that are calorie and nutrient packed.   I already made three new dishes Chicken a la King for dinner which didn't go over so well with Ashley perhaps because I served it at dinner hour which I find is when she is rarely interested in food.  For breakfast I  made Ham and Asparagus stratta that was a hit with Ashley. At lunch today I made Triple Corn Chowder with corn bread however  she was too tired to eat I hope she will enjoy some when she wakes.  My husband and I enjoyed it all.   

Here it is. 

Midwives (Oprah's Book Club)
Besides cooking I found some time to relax after picking up two books which look pretty interesting at the library "The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar and Midwives by Chris Bohjalian.   I've just started the The Space between us it is set in India and is quite interesting so far. Are you reading anything enjoyable?

I guess I better stop blogging and reading to tend to  the dishes after all my cooking today  and fold the laundry  there is just so much of it with 4 kids.   

The Space Between Us: A Novel ( Deckle Edge ) (P.S.)   

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Bugg's mama said...

I really don't prefer winter. But when it is going to be so dang cold, it might as well SNOW, right?

Here in Utah, there is no snow! Can you believe it? But it is dang cold, for sure!

Great work, Ashley! Wahoooo!

Love, bree