Friday, 5 March 2010

Did you guess...

In case you were wondering what had magicially arrived at my door this week.   I'll keep you in suspense no longer.
A Signing Times Parent Success Kit from PTPA Media. It's mine to keep all I have to do is make good use of the it.   Watch the DVD listen to the CD, read the book and check out the flash cards  and most importantly read the tips for parents on teaching babies and children American Sign language.  Then I have to review the product for PTPA to share with other parents.   Ashley has Signing Times Baby DVD 1 and 2 as well as a Baby CD.  The Signing Times Baby DVD have always been Ashley's favorites she would choose signing times baby over Dora anytime.  I'm  pretty sure she will like the new DVD with bigger kids like herself signing.

I'm  following the tips in the parents guide and trying to teach Taylor  3 signs milk, finished and more and Ashley one addition sign.  Ashley is currently doing two signs successfully finished and more.  I'd love for her to have a few more.  I'll post my review and their progress with the signs in 2 weeks time.

So I'm  happy to be a Official Mom Tester for PTPA.

Other Communication news around here:

I'm also learning  how to create my own Picture Symbols using Boardmaker this week too.   I haven't had much success with that yet but free time is very limited.  Thankfully a  good friend shared this website with me yesterday before I started to feel too overwhelmed.

PreKindergarten Boardmaker activities  - Ready made stuff just what I need.

for example...

It has  pages and pages  of symbols of pre-K play like play-doh, tea party, gluing, cutting, birthday parties, there are too many to name.  It's really cool and now that I have the software all I have to do is download and print.  Then Ashley and  I will be able to interact at  whole new level.   She has made great progress in this area lately so this can only help her.

Well I can't finish this post without a picture of  little Taylor today tuckered out at 10am. I also felt like this today but didn't have time to snooze maybe tomorrow.


Colleen said...

That sounds like a great program for communicating! You are an amazing Mom!

Melissa Miller said...

We signed with both girls and found it very, very helpful. Keep it up even when you think that you might be wasting your time. You aren't, I guarantee it!