Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Daddy was Mommy for the day! - OACRS

Today I went to the OACRS annual conference  (Ontario Association of Children's Rehabilitations Services).  This meant Daddy was in charge packing lunches, getting the kids dressed and out the door.   Ashley arrived at school on time for a nice change I'm usually running late and he literally played with Taylor all day.  He even packed all four kids in the car and headed to hippo therapy after school.  I'm pretty sure he was glad to see me home when they arrived back just in time for  baths and bedtime.

I on the other hand got to drink coffee and chat with adults uninterrupted, even go the bathroom without a one year old in tow.  What a change of pace for me.

Best part of the day was listening to Spencer West from metowe  speak  he knows how to overcome obstacles having lost both his legs at the age of five, stay positive and give back to the world.   He is building schools in Kenya and India with youth and spreading a message about being the change you want to be in the world.   He inspired everyone in that room to want to reach out and help others and appreciate all that we have.  He was also very open about his difficulties in childhood spoke to the therapist and parents in the room about what it's like to grow up with these challenges and all that therapy from a child's point of view.  He was just fabulous,  so I just  had to blog about him ...

I also learned about Advocating at school and of a number of other great programs being run in other treatment centres across Ontario.  It pays to know what's  out there then you can be really demanding of the best possible programing and treatment services for my girl.   Best of all I'm going back tomorrow to Day 2 of OACRS and the Keynote Speaker is  Dr Charles Pascal.

Spencer West was encouraging and inspiring but here's my number one  inspiration my girl! I'm working on a new video of her latest tricks such as hippo therapy and swimming.  If you haven't  seen my last video of her last spring check it out but stay tuned for her latest fall tricks coming very soon.


Jason's mom said...

Hey, glad u get to do such things. I often passed on the ideas of full-day conference and seminar just because I never that could be possible. But looking at your success (and your husband's) may change my mind.

(but hey, what I am talking about? I am in Hong Kong now, on my own!)

Looking forward for your video.

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

I love that Ashley looks like she's up to something. :)

We went to a several day conference down here years and years ago. It was so informative! I'm so glad you seem to be getting so much good out of it.

BusyLizzyMom said...

That is great you went to OACRS, I usually go with work but didn't hav a chance to sign up. I think that is great that parents can come too as there are some great things to learn.
Have you watched Nick V. on y-tube he is another amazing speaker?
It is nice for Daddy to have a Mommy day as well, it benefits everyone.