Friday, 3 December 2010

An Award and a few other sweet mentions

It's been busy but here's a few things I had to share. My sweet girl received an agreement award from school this week.  Her brothers heard her name announced at the assembly and were proud. She was pretty pleased with it too.

 I've raised the scale now for future years with these. 

Our local supermarket only had Tinkerbell advent calendars which only worked for Ashley.   I hit Longos and found Kindersurprise and Lindt version for her brothers. Too good to be true. Yum!

Damon was impressed

No smile he tells me it's the formal look but note the thumbs up which means he likes the Lindt goodies!

My dad wasn't so well last week so I traveled to Ottawa for a few days to give him and Grammy some hugs.

I was brave and drove with the younger ones by myself and a day later the rest joined us traveling by train.  Here's my boys at the Ottawa train station.

Augmentative Communication and Homework  - having fun with it all.
Ashley homework this past weekend was fill in the blank on the 5 senses.  I had to figure out how to fill in the blanks with my non-verbal girl but with the help of Mr Potato Head and picture communication.  she did a great job.

This was taken when we where part way through.
 Ashley working on her senses with Sarah.

I couldn't leave out this pictures of my little guy looking too cute at physio.

and Sarah the best nurse 


The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Oh Ashley, you should be so proud!!!

Melissa Miller said...

What's an agreement award? Tell us more!
Love the pix. Hope your dad's better now!

BusyLizzyMom said...

I completely forgot the advent calender whoops.
Ashley's school sounds so amazing, you must be so happy with her there.

Kara said...

Looks like you're having a great school experience!

I'm curious, because my daughter is also mainstreamed in in her community school SK, what kinds of services does Ashley receive at school? Does she have a completely one-on-one EA? I'm struggling right now, trying to make sure that my daughter is receiving all of the support she needs, but finding that it can be an uphill battle that constantly needs fighting!