Thursday, 31 March 2011

Inlcusive Education Petition - Education for all!

Ashley would love it if you take a moment to sign this on-line petition !!

Education for all: Every child to have the right, to access all aspects of curricular and non-curricular activities regardless, of any difficulties or special needs.  
The Education Act in Ontario guarantees a child's right to an appropriate education, regardless of any difficulties or special needs. We are requesting that the Government of Ontario enact rules and regulations that force Boards of Education to include the child's right to access all aspects of curricular and non-curricular activities regardless of any difficulties or special needs.
We are calling for all children with special needs to be accepted to be full members and partners in their schools and community, be able to equally access curricular and non- curricular activities and that is to include: Sports clubs, Music, Drama and arts clubs, Social clubs, Social activities, parties, school trips, special curricular activities, summer programs and camps offered by school boards etc
We call the Ministry of Education to make an immediate change to stop the indirect discrimination (1) of special needs children in our schools. Make our schools a place where there is “Education For All”.


Vcky13 said...

Hey fellow mother of a child with Special Needs. You are awesome. Ashley is awesome, and your family is awesome. Keep up the good work.

Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Dear Sherry,

I have added a banner widget (from the petition site) to our site it's right across the top just below the title... hopefully people will see it.

Let's hope more people sign it, I'm right behind you, I feel if we can take down Ontario, then province by province...

These kids with special extra challenges should have the CHOICE if they want inclusive education or the choice not to. Not have some bureaucrat decide for everyone. I hope my Oatie will make it into inclusive education I really do, or at least have the Choice!



Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Sherry, it's up to 71... I know a long way to go... but it's at 71!

Anonymous said...

Hi sherry, thanks for posting the link on 'petition-education for every child'. I think this is great.
I definately had many struggles with my son who is now 13. at his old school. He is in a new school this year which has been very accepting (so far). There is definately a lot more opportunity for extra ciricular activites for inclusion! Let's all have a voice. thank you.

Anonymous said...

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