Monday, 11 April 2011

Damon is 9!!

Damon's 9th birthday party from Sherry C on Vimeo.

I can barely believe another year  has  gone by for  Damon.  Damon  always puts a smile on my face each day.   He is  king of video games, sporty and fun. Yet the most caring gentle boy around. He is so good natured and reminds me of my Dad and if you know my Dad that's saying a lot.

With four kids it's hard  having parties for each so we take turns.. this year Ashley and Damon benefited however now I'm thinking perhaps James will get one too.  Okay it's hard for this Mom to say no.  I love celebrating birthday's (as long as it's not mine)


Colleen said...

Happy Birthday!! 9 is such a fun year, my daughter is 9 goes by so fast though!

Melissa Miller said...

Happy Birthday, Damon! You were born right before I moved to Toronto, oh, so long ago. You make your Mom and Dad so proud!
Love to you,
Melissa, Evelyn, Madelaine and Kirk.

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Katelyn will be 9 next week! Our kids are so close in age! Can you believe how fast time goes???