Friday, 13 May 2011

Ashley won an iPad and more!

A few months back I entered a giveaway for special needs kids to win an ipad based on merit.  I never thought she would win but we learned on Sunday Ashley is really blessed and is amoungst 40 kids that won a ipad and apps.  This amazing family blog at Marissa’s Bunny  about their beautiful daughter who happens to  have infantile spasms. They are raising awareness about this condition and have been raising funds.  Not only are they doing everything possible for their daughter they are reaching out to make the lives of other families with special needs kids improved. 

40 very lucky and deserving kids won ipads how cool is that.  Be sure to visit Marissa's bunny they are raffling off an ipad2

Mike and your bosses Ashley and I are so thankful. 


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

That's fantastic... and brilliant ! So pleased for Ashley... Just to let you know as I promised I would that the Otterbox IP2 case is now out...




Colleen said...

So awesome! You must be so excited!