Wednesday, 1 June 2011

June already and lots has been happening around here.

Last week my oldest turned 11 I have a preteen.  We had some very special visitors Grammy and Grampy to celebrate his birthday.

Pancake breakfast for my 11 year old. OMG almost a teenager.

Check out this cake my mom made this for him it has boiled icing, tons of candy decorations, best of all according to my boys it was a money cake with loads of toonies ($2 coins) hidden inside.

Yummy!!!   Thanks Mom for making this it was a big hit!

Are you wondering what you get an 11 year old with loads of energy well?

A new POGO stick which he loves and gets a real work out on it too.  He also received some money which he used to buy a spy gear watch and the new Alex Rider Novel.  He was pretty happy with his presents.

Last week I also received these beautiful flowers for being a super mom from these ladies I adore.
I wish I had taken more pictures when Aunt Colleen and Aunt Betty dropped by for lunch which they even brought with them. I was totally spoiled for the day. Their visit was such a treat for me and the little ones look how happy Ashley was to see Auntie Betty and Taylor loved playing with Auntie Colleen. 
Unfortunately my older two were at school and husband working but it was short oh so sweet. 


The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

WOW! 11! Happy Birthday! And, you should be proud, it has been 11 years since you became a mom, that's big!

Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

I was Just checking in to say hi...WoW an 11 year old. Please wish him a happy belated birthday from Oatie and I, and I love the photos, the roses were gorgeous.



Lisa Thornbury said...

Happy birthday day to your "pre-teen" and happy birthing day to you mama. PS I added your blog to my blogroll. Hope that's ok. :)