Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Santa Clause Parade

We headed downtown to see the Toronto Santa Clause parade last weekend.  It was so much fun!!!  

Yummy Turtles! Can't wait to enjoy some of these over the holidays.

 Hasbro's Mr Monopoly and My Little Pony

Someone named Ashley was so excited when she saw this float coming!!

You can tell she's a Princess! 
She doesn't need a crown. 
She'll turn the world around. 

You can see it in her smile! 
 and the way she wears her hair.     

 The look on Ashley face when she saw the Barbie float above was priceless and worth the trek downtown and the long drive home.   She's hoping for a copy of Princess Charm school and Barbie Blair from Santa Clause!  Santa can you add that to your list please?  She's been a really good girl this year. 

 Kung Fu Panda was a hit! 

Super Mario came over and gave Taylor a high five!!  He enjoyed that as he is a lover of Wii

 Look how much he enjoyed Super Mario.

Everybody enjoyed the Lego float!

Kermit and the muppets too!

When you see Mrs Clause you now Santa is just around the corner!!!! 

 The man of the hour Santa himself!!! 

I feel like it's time to start decorating and shopping. Tell me have you started? 


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Wow the parade looked like so much fun! I also loved Ashley's public speaking post. Of course she's a success story. She's an amazing child with an equally amazing mum x. Sherry you're amazing x love from the other side (of Canada) Mel xxx

ParkerMama said...

I love that smile too!

Tammy and Parker
@ParkerMama on Twitter

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

What a fun parade! I love the look on Tyler's face! :)