Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Special Exposure Wednesday # 6

Well it's a week later and my camera is still here needing to be dropped off at Sony Canada for repair. I actually live about 20 minutes from their office but with nursery school and therapy there just isn't a day free to get there yet. I really miss photographing everything Ashley and her two brother do. Can a camera be such a necessity just as my laptop? I wonder what that says about me. She was awesome at physio on Monday she took a step on her own totally unsupported that would have been a priceless photo and OT was also fun today too. I'm left with some of more photos from her 1st year she sure was a cute baby i have to admit even if I'm more then a little biases.

Her 1st birthday she received this Bumbo chair and it was more then a few months after her birth that she could sit in it with out falling from side to side. She has come so far she now she sits on the floor and in OT today sat on a typical school chair with ease.


cdlsva said...

She's definitely a cutie! I enjoy seeing the "younger year" photos. Hope you get your camera back soon though (I know how I'd hate to be without mine!). Congrats to her on taking a step on her own, that is awesome!

Frogs' mom said...

Adorable pictures - its always fun to go back and see them when they were little!