Monday, 4 May 2009

Ashley's feeling better already!!

Yesterday morning starting out badly with Ashley being sick. She spent the entire day sleeping even though she didn't have a fever and i didn't give her any tylenol. She was clearly fighting something. But she got up at four pm and was complaining ..for food. She ate a light meal watched some tv had more food when we had dinner and was back sleeping by 9pm. This morning she woke in good spirits and is finishing off breakfast. I've seen my boys be sick for 24 hours before but never Ashley usually gets the long extended version of every illness like 6 - 10 days. I'm shocked she just finished a yogurt and oatmeal and is happy we are heading off to physio shortly I can't believe it!!! This is wonderful. All is well with Ashley :)

Friday was a professional development day for the teachers so my boys stayed home since i wasn't feeling well my sweet Damon decided to pick me these beautiful Trilliums from the woods across the street. The flowers look so gorgeous but these are protected flowers in Ontario and I had yet to explain to him it's illegal to pick them. Opps but i am enjoying them

Mighty mom thanks for calling yesterday it was so nice to talk to you again.


Anonymous said...

Great News, Sure see her beautiful hair in this picture.


Michelle said...

I'm glad things are looking up. Those flowers are beautiful!! I won't report it!!! Ashley is so pretty!