Saturday, 28 November 2009

Ashley 's Home

That was her third trip to Sickkids emergency this month.  It was her shortest stay.  The doctors and nurses are starting to recognize us as nice as that is it's not a good thing.   Ashley was sent home with Ventalin for an inhaler and a steroid called Prednisolone this medication they use to treat asthma which we knew Ashley doesn't have. She has tight airways and is going into respiratory distress just from a viral infection which appears as a head cold with lots of coughing.  Her chest x-ray didn't look to bad they said she had improved from the x-ray 2 weeks which showed pneumonia.   She's in rough shape when she starts coughing.  Today I  gave  her all the meds even the inhaler which was given on an as needed basis.  When she couldn't stop coughing this evening I pulled it out.

I noticed that the prednisolone has a side effect of insomnia .. not a good one for a little girl who bad needs to rest and recover she only fell asleep at midnight.  She was bathed in bed at eight read books and I checked on many times until finally feel asleep at midnight.  Very unusual for her .. she didn't seem upset to be awake she was sitting up and reading her books.  Mommy just really wanted her to be resting.

I hope tomorrow the coughing will let up. I cancelled the sears photo trip tomorrow but the boys and i put up one of our trees in the living room.  I'll attempt to take my own photo for this years christmas cards by the tree.   I'm sure it won't be as nice as sears.. I don't even have co-ordinating clothing for them to wear. Oh well I know they will still look cute. I hope I can get at least 2 out of 4 smiling.


Melissa Miller said...

I'm sure the picture will be just right! Hang in there, Caldwell's!

SuzanneNoor said...

My heart goes out to you Sherry. Sorry to hear how often she's been sick :( I hope this is the very last of it!
Don't worry I'm sure you'll take better pics than Sears. Just have to catch them all at the right moment :)