Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ribbon Cutting, Friends and a good time.

Today Ashley and I, along with some good friends were invited to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of a Children's Treatment Network Parent Information Fair.  It was an honor to be up on the stage with two very amazing mom's Heather and Lisa.

Lisa worked really hard to make this event happen her sweet little girl Emily  walks now because of CME physiotherapy and her Mom's determination to stop at nothing to enable her daughter.   Lisa is a true warrior mama, she fantastic and knows how to make  things happen.     Lisa made it her mission to ensure other parents in our area are aware that this amazing therapy exists.   Today's information fair happened because of  her.  Lisa you go girl!

Heather is a friend, neighbour and best of all blogging buddy.  Her son Zackie is doing amazing things he also has a  dream team that Heather put together.   Today he was walking  around the room with just a little help and eating food which is no small thing for this little boy.  Be sure to visit  Heather's blog,  she is so honest about their struggles and triumphs, you will be hooked in no time.  She's also new to blogging  so I'm sure she would love a few new followers especially other mom's that rock you know who you are.

Lisa, Me & Ashley, Heather and Zackie

Here we are just before the ribbon cutting,

Oh and if any of you Moms out there have worries about whether your child will walk or sit up.  This princess Vanessa was unable to sit up at 3 and look at her now. It's incredible the gains she has made in  the last year. She's amazing at one hand walking.  She also does CME physiotherapy.    She is  eating now too and wasn't doing that last year.  There is nothing stopping this girl either. She is also Ashley's pal and pretty darn cute. 

It was great to see everything that is available locally for Ashley, camps, riding, swimming, respite, gym programs, funding there was so many organizations present.  I have a big bag of brochures now to read through.

 The best thing I learned today was Ashley can play special needs soccer at a funded summer camp. It's a morning program from 9 until 12 there are aids for all the kids.  Mommy has to stay and watch but Taylor can come along there are balls and  other siblings that he can play with there. I'm so excited about this.
More Mom's that rock and good friends. 

Thanks to Children's Treatment Network for the great event.


Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

When our youngest was 4, she weighed 21 pounds and couldn't sit up even when she was propped with pillows. She took her first steps at age 6, and we got rid of her wheelchair at age 7. She absolutely amazed the doctors and defied the odds.

It can and does happen. Don't let anybody steal the hope you have for your child. Some kiddos will never be able to walk. Unfortunately, that's the ugly truth. And we know that our youngest is amongst the exceptions.

That being said, I think kids thrive on the hope the adults in their lives have for them. And even if it's as simple as them being able to make a fist for the first time or holding their bottle at the age of 3 for the first time independently, hope is so incredibly necessary! And even the smallest of accomplishments needs celebrated!

Way to go Princess Vanessa! And keep on trucking, Princess Ashley! You're going to get there someday, too!

Candace said...

What a great bunch of women and their babe! Sounds like a fun day! And for such a great cause!

Melissa Miller said...

Never underestimate a mother's love. It can move mountains. Way to go all of you! Those precious little ones have so much to be thankful for.

Sarah said...

WOW sherry,that's impressing, what an honor you had to cut the ribbon. I told you you were AMAZING.I love this post, two thumbs up!! See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Ash I am so proud of you,you did a great job helping mom cut the ribbon! Princesses Ash and Nessie keep up the good work! I love you both!
Hugs and kisses!!!

Jason's mom said...

Too bad I had to miss the event. Tell me more about the soccer camp? Does the kid have to be walking? Jason is on a wheelchair/stroller:<