Saturday, 5 March 2011

Warning Potty Post

Doing the Potty Dance with Ashley  so AMAZING she totally gets it!! This is something we have been working on for years I wish I was kidding about that too but no.    I started potty training Ashley as soon as she turned two despite the fact that she was unable to sit yet without support. I picked up a pink potty and assisted her to sit on the potty from time to time from the day she turned 2.  I even read a  book on the topic geared for parents of Autism  that was all I could find.  I didn't find the book to be too helpful honestly.  

Look how little she was when I started this process... she 2 1/2  here and attached the feeding pump in this picture too. It's almost unbelievable how far she has come.  

Over the last few years there has been plenty of time were the potty was not getting much use  I have to admit - that was my fault not Ashley's. But before starting JK I have  been pretty good about creating a routine but I wasn't always successfully in following through her three brothers and many other things would get in the way for days or weeks at a time.  Lately I realized it's me who needs to change to make this a success  Ashley's  so ready and I was holding her  back.   I'm so thrilled to report that she has been staying dry for many days at home now.  My schedule is frequent but not perfect however she has a way of calling out (a bit of a cry) we head straight to the potty and she goes.  She's so proud of herself too.  I just need to continue following thru I don't want to be the one holding her back.  

Barriers or not like walking and talking is not going to hold my girl back then neither is her Mom.  I'm posting this here to ensure I continue following thru with the routine.  Can't wait for warm weather perhaps I need to  work on getting her baby brother out of diapers too. 

Here's another picture from just the other week look how much she's grown she waiting with her brother for her grandparents arrival for family day. 

Set your expectations high and your children rise to the occasion.

On another exciting note I'm planning a birthday party her later this month  with friends at Gymalaya !!  I can't wait. 


Colleen said...

Hooray for the potty dance! She has come so far!

Candace said...

Way to go Sherry! I don't even know where to start with Faith! It's a road I have run screaming from but I need to be brave like you! Keep it going' friend!

Michelle said...

Wahoo for potty time! Don't be so hard on yourself sister, you are doing a great job!! Go ASHLEY!!

Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

That is so fantastic, well Done Ashley and Sherry, just so brilliant, and don't be hard on yourself, sometimes I think you both have to be ready.

I'm psyching myself up for Oatie, his ABR has given him some bladder control, but he's terrified of the potty. Any tips would be welcome, my other two were easy, my eldest son wanted to show off to his grandparents, and my daughter at Disneyland for some pink princess knickers!

That's just so great,



Melissa Miller said...

Wow! As you may recall, I was still in the potty training business with my typical five-year-old not so long ago! Keep at it. I know you both can do it.

BusyLizzyMom said...

What a smart girl. Way to go Ashley.