Monday, 29 August 2011

Does summer fun really have to end?

Last week Ashley attended her second session of Soccer camp it was fabulous even the second time around.  Special needs soccer camp was the summer highlight for Ashley.  It was top notch.  I blogged about this back in July when she attended the first session.  The august session was  just as wonderful. Up on her feet walking, running and scoring goals plus time with friends what could be better. 

These two high school girls  in green shirts were very sweet and received volunteer hours to help Ashley run and score goals.  YAY!!! 
 One of Ashley's new buddies...

 Ashley with all the boys .. there was a few girls but boys definitely out number the girls.  She does like boyfriends especially this little boy Sean in the chair next to her..

 Ashley has another medal and beautiful trophy. The girl needs a trophy shelf now! How great is that.

The boys even tagged along and enjoyed the beautiful park as well as cheering on their sister.

Getting ready for school with some haircuts all around, check out these new looks.

Too cool for school or what?  Miss Ashley is not a fan of hair cuts as you can see here.

 Our evening at the park was fabulous.  Even if we need to bundle up a bit now.

School starts in one week right after labour day and I'm so not ready for that.   Please tell me summer is going to go on for another month or so.   I  need to get into  that  daily routine of getting 3 of 4  kids up and off to school.  I'm trying to get the kids to bed early each evening which is easy for Ashley but her brothers would love to stay up all hours of the night.     Tell me are you ready for school?  What will Taylor and I do while Ashley and her brothers in School all day ever day?   Things are going to change around here oh my.  


Betty said...

Great new pictures! You are doing a fantastic Mothering job. Great kids! Great Mom! Miss you!

Michelle said...

Girl, we already have almost a month of school under our belt. It is so strange, Lillian goes Tues-Fri afternoons, and I'm all alone. It is surreal. Though I still seem to get NOTHING done. lol. I love these pics, I wish there was something Lillian could get involved with...melts my heart to see Ashley so happy!!

BusyLizzyMom said...

What a great camp, I really wanted to enroll Elizabeth in soccer but was worried she would get upset if she could not keep up.
It really is sad summer is almost over.

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Is it bad to say that I laughed out loud at the picture of Ashley not enjoying her haircut? She's just too darned cute! :)