Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Look who is 7! - Party Video

March flew by and birthday season is in full swing at our house.  Ashley turned 7 last week and I'm amazed at all the progress she has made she's really moving about. She is crawling just a little,  she enjoys balancing on high knees and trying to stand up it's fabulous progress. She's also using her spoon to feed herself a few bites.  She really enjoys her days in grade one too.  I will follow up with a blog post on all her progress later this week.   This weekend we threw Ashley a rainbow gymnastics party at Gymalaya. What a fabulous place to have a party.  She enjoyed her birthday there last year too and perhaps we will do it again next year.  A big thank you to all of Ashley friends and family that came to make this day so special. 

Ashley's smile the entire day!

 Fun Brothers taking after Grampy.

 Rainbow treats - home made by Mom!

Now I have to plan something just as fun for Damon who will be double digits  next week closely followed by Taylor 3rd birthday in 2 weeks. 

Here's a link to last years 6th birthday video also celebrated at Gymalaya.   I did a better job with the video last year. I need to another photographer besides myself at the party.  


BLOOM - Parenting Kids With Disabilities said...

Sooooo cool! Happy Birthday Ashley!

Happy Birthday Momma!

Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! She looks beautiful and what a cool party! So glad she had a brilliant day, sending hugs from the otherside xox

Michelle @ Special Mom Space said...

Aww Happy Belated Birthday to Ashley. She sure did look like she had a ball!

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Jason's mom said...

Great party choice mama. Happy Birthday belated!

BusyLizzyMom said...

Happy birthday Ashley. Looks like a great party.

Melissa Miller said...

The food looked amazing!! What a great party.