Tuesday, 12 August 2008

CN Tower

Life has been too busy to even blog lately. I've been enjoying a fun weekend with cousins again. We headed down to the CN Tower friday and here's some images from below and way up high.

Ashley is checking out the view from a port hole window in the skypod.

Ashley, Cassandra and Cecila waiting in line to head up to the skypod. The lines up were a bit much since the weather this summer has been very wet so everyone at the same idea as us indoor activities.
The glass floor. I stepped out for a very quick picture..
Paul, Cecila, Cassandra were very brave and hung out for a while.

One of the best part of the weekend was when i asked Ashley "Can you say Cassandra? and she said.. ananda (twice !!) it was so close. Four year old Cassandra was impressed and that made my weekend. i love those surprises

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