Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Long weekends at our cottage

Long weekends at our cottage start with a trip to Tims for coffee and bagels a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up the goodies for the weekend. Even before the all important food and beer are purchased my dear hubby starts his to do list. Which is usually pretty long but he is a very hard and dedicated worker so he always manages to check the majority of it off the list before the weekend comes to a close.

Here's the list ... oh this was day #2 list. Day one he was busy blowing many leaves, picking up branches, and mowing the lawn.
The place was looking very good when he was done i have to admit.
This is a very natural garden it grows year after year with very little care required by us. We spotted a young boy catch a bass just off our dock .. he was pretty happy about his catch but it wasn't going to be dinner they let it swim back home.
This totem pole was a gift to my husband grandfather from his students the year he retired. It's probably 40 years old and still looks great. It brings us good luck and keeps evil spirits away so we always put it up and store it away in the boat house for the winter so it can last another 40 years.

Every hard worker deserves a big feast... we ended our days with yummy shrimp and steak it was great. Ashley loved the meal too especially the carrots which are quickly becoming her favorite.

Dinner was followed by a spectacular fire works show put on by cottagers across the lake. We all had fun and are really looking forward to heading back up with the boys in two weeks.

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