Sunday, 18 January 2009

Snow, snow and more snow

Mighty mom i saw your frost over in switzerland the captain is lucky he is not having to shovel all this white stuff check out the view from my front door. Ian and the boys have been out shoveling twice already and will go out again after dinner as the snow hasn't let up yet. I was thinking of heading to walmart around 4pm to pick up some diapers when i saw the snowplow had been by and there was no way I'm going to get my minivan out of the driveway. I'm sure both our folks are getting even more then we are here in Richmond Hill so I shouldn't complain should I.


Melissa Miller said...

Can you ship some of that to the Alps, please? Ski week is 5 days away!

Jenny said...

Wow! I can safely say I will never have that view out my front door! Thanks for sharing!