Friday, 9 January 2009

SuperTalker - New ACC Device coming soon is it going to be good enough?

Next Wednesday Ashley is going to try the SuperTalker for a one month trail period. This is a augmentative communication device it is a voice output device which allows between 1 to a max of 8 choice similar to Picture communication system. I've been reading about it on the web and I'm worried that it's not very high tech.. i was hoping for some sort of mini computer with multiply screens she can choose between. Not sure the SuperTalker will be automated even for the year 2009 perhaps my hopes are higher then the budget or desires of the York Region Preschool Speech and Language program is willing to provide.

I'm complaining and i haven't even seen it yet that's not so great is it.
If anyone has any experience with this device I'd love to hear some feedback?


gail said...

oh that's wonderful! i think a 30 nday trial period is great. you really don't know how she'll do until she tries them out. if it does seem too limiting then request a trial of a more advanced one.

but don't do what we did and get such a super high teck one that joe never uses it and isnt' interested in it. that's the drawback.

Melissa Miller said...

Keep it simple! Success is highly motivating.

CC said...

It doesn't look very different than the Tech Talk or Go Talk. Is it?