Sunday, 15 November 2009

Guess where I've been here's a hint ..H1N1

I haven't had time to blog for a while there .. I blame it on  H1N1.  If you can I highly recommend getting your vaccine.  The first H1N1 vaccine clinic opened in our area after we were all sick. A little too late for us.

It's been a long 3 weeks or so as everyone at my house was ill with H1N1. My husband and myself and all four kids.  It hit Ashley the hardest she had the many days of fever followed by a hospital admission for respiratory distress she needed some oxygen, and breathing treatments.  Her lungs hadn't needed for this kind of help since she was a  baby despite many colds.  H1N1 was tough on her, she was only initially hospitalized for 48 hours and came for 4 days on Tamiflu and antibiotics.  She appeared to be getting better  when almost a week later she woke up from a nap with a fever that didn't respond very well to motrin, she was in respiratory distress again we headed back to the hospital she had developed bacterial pneumonia.  The doctors said this is something they see in some kids with H1N1 after many days of been sick pneumonia kicks in.  Totally yucky!   We caught it early and she only had a few more days hospital stay thank god.

She missed tick or treating, a good friends birthday party,  not to mention three  weeks of therapy and school. Tomorrow I hope she can return to her normal routine.  She's been eating really well the last few days  I hope that means she is on the road to recovery she lost weight of course so I  hope she will continue her interest in food for the next few weeks.

All in all Ashley  doing great and we all recovered.    I'm just a little sleep deprived after many nights up watching over her and need to get out of the house and do something.  My Mom and Dad  have been her helping me with  everything it would have been very hard caring for everyone  when I was sick myself.  Not to mention all the cleaning, cooking and laundry.  My mom even stayed overnight at the hospital with Ashley her first night admitted as my temperature was raging  too.  Thanks Mom and Dad I hope you get plenty of time to rest and relax now that your home.


Colleen said...

Oh wow, you guys were put through the ringer! I'm glad you are finally recovered and that Ashley is Ok now.

Melissa Miller said...

Oh, you poor, poor things! I'm so sorry to hear you had such a hard time. I'm glad your folks could help you.
Big, big hugs!!!

CC said...

How horrid!!!!!!!!! 2 out of 4 of us have gotten the vaccine. Hopefully my son will get his this week.

This is one of many reasons why I wish we had family living near by. If/when we all get sick like this, we are going to be in big, big trouble...

Get all the way better everyone!!!

BusyLizzyMom said...

I have been wondering how you all are and how Ashley is doing. H1N1 sounds pretty nasty it really seems to be pretty aggressive.
Glad you are all home now.

Michelle said...

Oh man, Sherry. That is terrible! I'm so glad everyone is starting to recover though. So scary. Will keep you in my prayers.

Mrs. M said...

I am so sorry you all got sick! I am hoping we can avoid it. My kids both had their vaccine, but I'm told they need a second booster shot. Who knows if I will ever be able to get my shot!