Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Summer has finally begun and look at the fun already.  We spent time yesterday with much missed cousin that we get to see only once a year.  I adore times like this wish they could happen more often.  We miss you already.   Can't wait to do this again next year Melissa. 


Colleen said...

How fun!! I love being able to connect with family members during the summer months.

Jason's mom said...

Pictures say more than a thousand words! I can see how much fun they had and how much you are enjoying your new camera!
Oh, I hope u have a good teacher next year. The one in Jason's classroom is theeee worst and I am planning to move. Cherish every good one cuz they are so hard to find nowadays. ; ~

gail said...

looks like you're having some good summer fun. your vacation pics make me want to go visit up there! glad your girl is doing better.