Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ashley Scores!

Today something very good happened Special Needs Soccer Camp.

Ashley was full of giggles the entire time.   She loves to be up and about she was on her feet for nearly 3 hours.  Walking, running, chasing the ball and scoring some goals.

The camp was first class it was hosted at a beautiful artificial turf field, lots of volunteers to help the kids Ashley had 2 or 3 helpers at times.  Everyone was so friendly talking to Ashley, encouraging her and cheering for her on.  The coaches were great at keeping the kids laughing with jokes too.  They had a nice tent and chairs and lots of cold  water for breaks.  Ashley got a great t-shirt. All the kids and parents had a great time.  It's was just so cool to see her playing soccer. She  goes again for the next two mornings it's just a 3 day camp but it runs again next month and they are still looking for more kids to attend so as long as we are not away she will be there for sure. Another really nice thing this camp is free for special needs kids all the cost of this camp are covered by corporate sponsors. The many helpers are also volunteer. It's really sweet.  Thanks YRSC.  There is so much good out there which was refreshing after this past week in blogworld and the never ending saga of the non-exsistant ipads.


Anonymous said...

The Camp looks great, I am so happy to see Ashley having fun she deserves to have fun she is always so pleasant.


Shirley Koo said...

Hi Sherry,
Looks fun, Alain might like it. Do you have the link or contact info? If we are free those days I am thinking of signing him up. Thanks for sharing this.


Lisa Thornbury said...

Wow. What a great camp. Right up Avery's alley. She is a soccer fiend.

Michelle said...

That is absolutely awesome, Sherry!! Just warmed my heart!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting subject , thankyou for posting .

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

She looks so proud with her medal!! She must have been exhausted, but it sounds like it was SO much fun!! I'm so glad you had access to it!! :)