Thursday, 21 July 2011

What's happening around here... photo blog.

My boys can't seem to get enough of fishing lately

 Damon's here hoping to reel in something big.

James was pretty excited about this catch.  Which he believes to be a small mouth bass.

My amazing husband thought our dock needed to be leveled.. this was the perfect make work project for  a heat wave.  He is the best husband in the world always working so hard to look after us, our home and cottage.

Here's Ashley hanging out .. we really need some cushions for these chairs.

Taylor enjoys golfing especially if his brothers are going to retrieve his balls.  See how far he got on the dock. He will have this finished by the end of this weekend I'm sure.

Taylor is not a fan of the water despite the soaring temps. It's 100F / 38C in Canada today wow.

Moonsand was a hit.

These pictures are from  last week but I had to post them.  My girl with her trophy and medal she is a soccer super star!!!

Lastly one way to handle the heat a water table.   This pick taken when the grass was still green. Now after a week of extreme heat it's a nice shade of yellow. So lovely. 

How's your summer going?  Love to hear how your surviving the heat. 

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Colleen said...

Great pics! It's actually only 68 degrees right now in the NW and it feels good!