Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Instant messaging at a whole new level

This weekend i hosted 8 guests, cooking and entertaining.. this is something my mom does with ease and i guess it's time i had some practise being hostess. I think everyone was comfortable and enjoyed themselves.

My cousins daughter and my niece both 14 are glued to the computers rather then talk they send instant messages back and forth. It was well strange and cute at the same time. I guess that is what teenagers do now. I'm feeling my age next to those two that is for sure. They were very excited to see each other and ping each other while sitting side by side. Oh and 24 hours a day too. Does that sound odd to any of you? I'm addicted to blogging but i still couldn't relate to that.

On Saturday we headed off to the Nascar SpeedPark and even ping pong in the basement provided a few hours of enjoyment.

Kathy, Christal & Sue thanks for coming this weekend it was lots of fun. (Brett next time you have to join us too!)

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Anonymous said...

Great pics...and you were a fabulous Hostess!! Giving Carolyn a real run for her money :).