Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Still no change but I'm about to burst

Well still no baby yet he/she is still very happy inside my belly for now.

I have a small frame 5'4 and normally slim however at 9 months I feel Iike I'm going to burst if my stomach grows any bigger.
This photo below was taken last week and I'm bigger now I gained another 2 pounds in just one week and not sure my tummy can stretch anymore. I have no idea how anyone would feel with twins or 8 babies oh my josh!! My three others were not big babies James was 6, 13oz, Damon was 7, 1 oz and Ashley just 4, 9 oz. I have a feeling my 4th is going to be my biggest.

I'm little crazy for posting that picture but thought I'd share and it may be fun to look back on many years from now.


Michelle said...

I think it' s beautiful, and I think you are not look just right for nine months!! IT sounds silly, but as miserable as I was at that point I also mourned a little when the baby was born bc I missed having that feeling inside. Woops, I think that NutJim is talking again...hope that baby comes soon!!

Melissa Miller said...

I love it! Great picture! One to treasure.