Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ashley's success with PICs in JK

At school this morning Ashley was able to correctly identify  farm animals using her eyes to look at the correct picture card when presented with four different choice.  She did this successfully each time she was asked.  This was an exercise done to show her teacher how they can use the picture cards to teach her colours, shapes or other themes being taught in JK.

She was also able to make choices between activities with picture communication and use her "yes" or "no" cards to tell her teacher when she wanted to stop or continue.    Her preschool speech and language  CDA who has been working with Ashley for close to 2 years was visiting and was thrilled and so were her teachers.

 Ashley you continue to impress us all!


BusyLizzyMom said...

Way to go Ashley. Glad to hear she is feeling better.

SuzanneNoor said...

Glad she's over the ear infection! The pic stuff is so exciting isn't it? Sounds like she has a very promising future for communication. She should also be entitled to a LOT of extra materials through the school which should help a lot...

Michelle said...

That is totally awesome, Sherry!! I love it!! It feels so good when our kiddos show others things we've seen or known. Great! Great! Great!!

Sandycove Whittakers said...

Yeah Ashlely!!!!

Hi Sherry,

Isn't that just great?

I know you are very familiar with all the acronyms that you deal with on a daily basis w.r.t. Ashley but some of us (i.e. me) could use a little help now and then. I assume the C in CDA stands for Child and the A for Assistant. Does the D represent Development?

Thanks so much for persisting with your blog. I am sure it is an inspiration to so many other families out there who face similar challenges and rejoice at each baby step along the way.


Sherry C said...

Hi Pat, I should be more clear i agree it's actually Communicative Disorders Assistant "CDA" a person that works in the field of Speech Language Pathologist however to be a CDA you work with kids or adults that have no speech or very limited speech and likely will need other means of communicating at least for a short or long term . CDA would help clients to use there eye's, hands, picture cards, sign language or high text devices to communicate. Our CDA has been very skilled and helpful.

Ashley is making wonderful progress we are so pleased for her. Thanks for the on-going encouragement it so nice to know many family and friends are cheering Ashley on!