Saturday, 12 September 2009

Music to my ears

My oldest came home saying he needed a recorder for school on monday. We headed over to COSMO music superstore. The store was so impressive it made me long for a baby grand piano.

However we left with one red Yamaha recorder for James and shiny new harmonica for Damon.
If you would like a glimpse what I've been hearing for the last 24 hours music protegees i think not.

The boys filmed this video personally. All credit goes to them.

James has been spending time reading his introductory book as well as practising a few notes. Hopefully he will be playing jingle bells for us by christmas if so I promise to post.

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SuzanneNoor said...

LOL great talent on your boys there Sherry! Who knows maybe they'll make it onto Canada's Got Talent (by the time that show rolls around to our little country)...
Thanks for your support, you are an awesome example of strength :). Glad to hear James is doing well at school too :).