Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Fabulous start to Junior Kindergarten

I can't believe my little girl has come so far she rode her tricycle to her first day of school. Then she walked in with the aid of her new Kaye walker and AFOs. Way to go girl! I was so proud of her she has an amazing teacher and aid at school its going to be such a positive experience for her. When Ashley was born so ill and struggling for every breath I could never have imagined how wonderful and special today would be. She is even at the same school as her big brothers.

She enjoyed a story, did some arts and crafts, made a friend and just enjoyed herself. I can't wait for Friday her second day. She's going to start slow just mornings for now and alternating days.

She didn't even mind wearing her AFOs today.

Ashley you keep rising to the challenge and making your mommy and daddy so proud.

play dough fun

She is taking it all in here..

arriving with mom

new friends

my kaye walker


Michelle said...

awe, Sherry, this brings tears to my eyes. How precious!!! She looks as if she is having a really good time!! I'm so glad she is transitioning well!

SuzanneNoor said...

Wow Sherry what fantastic progress she has made. She's so lucky to have you for a mom!