Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Keeping busy on our own

Missing the boys so we headed off for a little bike ride today...

at lunch she was still interested in drinking milk to my delight...

At the park in her new outfit.

No pics of the potty .. but I have to report that Ashley's potty training has been a breeze so far. Ashley is getting about 4 pees a day in the potty a day and all #2. I'm a little surprised how easy it's been really. I'm not sure why i questioned myself if this was silly at the beginning of all this. She is working on a lot of goals already i remember thinking like standing, walking, talking, drinking and eating but i thought what the heck why not toileting too. She certainly could handle it.

I'm thinking of adding a new therapy to her busy schedule. Therapeutic Horseback riding at GiddyUp in Stouffville. She has a big goal of Standing unaided and her physio therapy is helping her with this goal but i think she needs a bit of extra help and perhaps the horseback riding can make the difference. I've already sent off an email so she's now on the waiting list for the next session this September.
My mom reported that James and Damon had a sleepover with cousin blake at Uncle Brett's mansion last night (James nickname for Brett & Christal place which is a paradise for big and little kids with the pool, hot tub, trampoline and all the video games in the world).
All three boys are back and Grammy and Grampy's tonight and I bet they are resting their gaming thumbs right now.


Melissa Miller said...

She looks so strong! Can't wait to see you all in person!

Jackie Boileau said...

Ashley is doing great, can she send you a signal when she needs to go pee, like grabing your leg or skirt, and point in the right direction, that would be a big step up.
How is her voice therapy doing,

Its looks like she is growing, a great site.

Sherry C said...

Hi Jackie, We are teaching Ashley to use PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) so evetually we would love it if she could ponit at a picture which is placed at her desk or play aera which represented the toliet. So whenever she is on the potty i show her the picture. I'm also teaching her the sign for potty for future use. Right now we just use a routine with frequent potty breaks and before she goes and when she is on the potty i show her the picture and the sign for reinforcement. It's a labour of love.