Tuesday, 22 July 2008

To work or not to work

As of late I can't stop thinking about this decision it is a pressing one as i have to call my boss tomorrow and let her know if I'll return to work on Monday or resign. She offered me a full time job which means 5 days a week/8 hours a day at my desk plus 2 hours to commute back and forth from home to Toronto. My part time job just doesn't exist anymore.

It should be a very easy decision Ashley and the boys need me that is clear and being home with them is a wonderful privilege. This time is so precious. Ashley made great gains over the last 9 months that I have been home she is learning to use the potty, drink, eat and communicate her choices with PECS. She is even more aware of whats going on around her everyone is noticing these changes in her and it's so great.

I'm looking forward to seeing the boys off to school in the morning and being there to pick them up at the end of the day. Being home allows for special time with friends after school and more time for me to cook something necessary for Ashley to want to eat. I don't think she going to continue eating if i revert back to a frozen food menu a necessity in my house when I'm working 40+ hours a week.

I also love working with Ashley on speech, physio, OT and play therapy. I think I'm the only mom that attends play therapy with her child but it's great i learn so much from the therapist at C.H.I.L.D.

My job has allowed for Ashley to get lots of private therapy that is been so great for her. I don't see us cutting back on any of this. I think I'm going to feel so relieved once this decision is final. Now that I've gotten this off my chest maybe i can stop talking and thinking about this 24/7. Which will make everyone around me happy as well.

Someone just called and told me that once i close this door another one will open and i have to agree.

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Melissa Miller said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!(two days late :( ) You know what to do! It's going to be alright. See you soon!