Monday, 7 July 2008

Small steps with feeding

Ashley been making some progress in exploring finger food lately last night she actually ate carrots she got one whole baby carrot (well cooked) into her month .. i panicked a little ..normally she just licks them but now she's feeling comfortable enough to place things in her month. She managed to chew and swallow it nicely. This morning she picked up half's blueberries and tried hard to get them in her month. She's really not interested in being spoon feed so it's super that she wants to feed herself. It's not many calories but it's a developmental inchstone at least.. that I'm really pleased with.

Her registered dietician visited today and in light of her endocrine concerns with her high thyroid. We stopped the reduce calorie plan and now I'm going to give her 1000 calories in the tube and she can top up by eating as much as she is interested in feeding herself. I saw that coming and had already reverted back to 1000 calories a day when I received that call from endocrine .. it doesn't take to long be able predict some of the advice that is coming your way.

Tomorrow Ashley's off to Sickkids for a visit with the GI Clinic she will have her mic-key button changed (i hope that won't hurt too much) following that she is having her annual echocardiogram and the cardiologist is meeting with us to review the results. They are checking up on her pulmonary hypertension she has had this test a number of times before and it's always scary to get the results I've been hoping to hear that it is resolved for as long as i can remember. Hopefully Ashley and I will be celebrating that tomorrow.

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Melissa Miller said...

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you.