Saturday, 12 July 2008

Summer fun

Ashley's hospital visit at Sickkids went very well... she has a brand new mic-key button and it was pretty uneventful. She actually slept through the entire ecocarigram surprisingly. Her doctors where happy to report that there was no change from last year and so her heart is doing okay, no worse, no better and they feel that the pressure levels are acceptable!!! Which is really great news... they want to see her again next summer to repeat the same tests but basically they are just being cautious at this point and a lot less worried. So I'm going to move this way down on my worry list too.

Now the fun stuff...
The past few days we have been having some fun with cousins from Texas Cecila and Kathy. Ashley and I and some friends took Cecila to Canada's Wonderland and shopping at Vaughan Mills. Cecila is 14 she loved both. Cecila was really brave and rode the behemoth at wonderland. Kathy, Cecila and I also enjoyed dinner with as many cousin as get together at the last minute Sue, Memhet, Sandy, Dave, Mike, Michelle, Seth, Quinn, Reiley and Bailey.

Kathy says to me this morning when you go shopping if Cecila wants something I'll pay you back no problem. Boy the girl can shop. I don't think Kathy will send her shopping with me again. It was a fun day.

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