Tuesday, 24 February 2009

It's hard to sleep in the sleep lab!

Ashley reported to the sleep clinic last night tired and ready to sleep that was before they started hooking her up to a million and one probes. They were monitoring her heart, lungs, brain activity, movement and even the amount of carbon dioxide she was breathing out while sleeping. It took about 40 minutes to get all the probes on. She had these probes glued to her everywhere from her head to her toes she was not pleased about any of this and I'm sure was wondering why i brought her here and was standing by trying to sooth her by reading books and singing to her which was not working.

Luckily she was tired enough and likes her sleep that she settled down to sleep after about 30 minutes of loud complaining. After about an hour or so the sleep technician came back in to move the oxygen saturation monitor from her toe to her hand as it wasn't reading accurately that woke her up and she cried again for another 30 minutes my poor little one. She also woke again around 2am for another 30 minutes. Then at 6 AM sharp the technician came in to remove the probes and wake her up.
All in all not much fun i don't even think an adult would like kind of sleeping arrangement and at least an adult would understand.

This morning instead of being at pre-school today she was in bed napping and slept the entire morning. I was tired too.
Good news is everything looks good according to the initial report and so i hope we won't be doing that again soon.

Here's her picture taken at 6:30 this morning already smiling for me. Her hair is a little wild from all those probes. She's still my cutie.


Finding Normal said...

I hate that gel. It takes like 3 shampoos to get it all out. Addison has had so many sleep studies, but luckily she's been young enough to not realize what she's going thru.
Hope you got a nap in.

Melissa Miller said...

Poor, poor thing. Hospitals are just not a place to rest, are they? I would have thought a sleep lab would have been better than that. I am so curious what they were checking for. Sleep apnea? Send me a note!
Big hugs

DL NELSON said...

I had to go to through a series of tests with my daughter who had a very rare of form of epilepsy...Forcing her awake, forcing her to sleep, trying to explain (she was six) why we were torturing her, was far from our best memories and I can understand what you went through. Courage...

CC said...

Awww! Hugs. Both my husband and I considered the sleep lab for ourselves, but I"m pretty sure I'd never be able to fall asleep! :(