Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Little Toes

Ashley had a great day today she enjoyed "The Little School House" this morning and all the Valentine activities. She mailed valentine letters in pretend play and made cupid and heart crafts. She loves getting the glue all over herself and enjoys having sticky fingers. She didn't mind circle time and parachute play she had been crying at school during some of these activities the last few weeks for some reason but today she was enjoying every minute.

This afternoon Ashley was fitted for a second pair of AFO's ankle foot orthotics. She got her first pair when she was almost two she wore size 2 infant shoes at the time. She's less then two months from turning four and in a size 6 infant shoes still tiny but she had clearly out grew them. They put casts on her feet and ankles to make custom fit orthotics for her little feet. She didn't mind any of it and selected a butterfly pattern for her orthotics. We will be picking them up in March. I'll be sure to post a picture of her standing in the AFO's when we receive them. She has been able to stand for a count of 5 in her small AFOs so we are hoping a new pair will add even more seconds to her standing record.

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