Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Winter in Canada - burr and ugh

Today it is - 18 C but feels like -26C with the WindChill and there is an extreme cold alert outside overnight. However this is Canada and my boys were very excited this morning to be going on a primary skate day. They will go skating outside on a nice figure eight trail that runs through the woods just minutes from the school. They will get some hot chocolate and they are bundled up. I'm glad i didn't volunteer to lace up skates. I don't think i could have handled the cold myself and Ashley would have been screaming she dislikes the cold when it's this bad and i can't say i blame her.

The groundhog said earlier this week that we have 6 more weeks of winter not sure if I'll make it! Dreaming of spring and seeing my crocous peak though the snow next month.


danette said...

Wow, that is cold. Making a mental note to not complain next time our temp gets down to below 20 degrees (rare where I live but it's happened a few times this winter!)

gail said...

love this pic of the crocus' poking thru the snow. hope it warms up for you soon.