Thursday, 19 February 2009

On the mend

Ashley is on the mend today, yesterday Ashley had more energy and played with toys but got sick twice so she is still keeping a low profile and stayed home from school today. I'm pretty sure she lost some weight but i decided skip putting her on the scale to verify that.

Sleep Study:
Sickkids Hospital called and asked me to bring Ashley into their Sleep Lab monday night for a sleep study we are to arrive at 8pm and it will take an hour to hook her up to all the monitors then she is to sleep until 6am. I hope it goes well, she sleeps and we don't get any bad news. Her cardiologist requested this test last summer after reviewing her echocardiogram and expecting better results. I'm happy they called as this appointment was set for mid April originally and i would have had a new born or worse been in labour.

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